Who We Are

Mpho Herbal Medicines is a health care company that produces the best herbal products that are derived from natural plants. Mpho Herbal Medicines is a company which is based in Johannesburg and it has been manufacturing and distributing best herbal products nation-wide since 2008.

Mpho Herbal Medicines has been helping thousands of people by providing affordable and effective natural products. We distribute our herbal medicines to different pharmacies and supermarkets across South Africa. And to ensure that our product is well known across South Africa we advertise on SABC radio stations.

Mpho Herbal Medicines uses quality and genuine raw materials which is harvested directly from African soil, to ensure that we manufacture the best herbal medicines. Mpho Herbal Medicines supports nature conservation by not consuming the endangered plants.

Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture and distribute, the best and affordable herbal products to our customers in South Africa and all over the world. To ensure that we reach our customers with honesty and trust.

Our Vision

Our vision as Mpho herbal medicines is to ensure that your well-being is our number one priority by producing STRONG, HEALTHY and GUARATEED herbal products.